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Starting a new show or event is never an easy task. With so many other events taking place in our relativley short season it’s nearly impossible to schedule something that is not on the same day as at least one other event.

Never mind choosing a venue, enticing vendors, and getting participants and spectators to come out.

Lord knows I don’t really want to deal with any of that but the crew at Euronited did and did a damn good job with their first event.

The show had a lot of things going for it: first and formost having Burrito Boyz onsite is never a bad idea, and if Burritos were not your thing the Port Credit location offered tons of other local restaurants within walking distance.

There was even  a skatepark a stones throw away if anyone wanted to take their bikes and boards off their car and put them to use.

Having cars parked indoors and outdoors was also a nice touch, especially for those who burn in the sun, and Eurnoited was streaming the event on line which is something I have never seen any other local event do.

I was at the event from beging to about mid way through and the turnout was pretty good, with a little more promotion I could see this show getting a lot bigger in the years to come.


Though it wasn’t without it’s challenges (ie the entrance) having indoor and outdoor show space is something few shows in the area have.

It did make shooting a little hard though as arena lighting is weird.

Everyone scraped
Well except maybe this FJ Cruiser that had basically a stores inventory worth of Pioneer equipment in it
Close by the FJ was this TT, which I think used to be on black Porsche twists
Pretty interesting to see one of these modified
5 sets of blacktops… someone is more paranoid than I
Would have been cool to see the Audi’s down the one side and dubs on the other
I keep thinking that sticker reads ‘Chopstix’
Shayan’s car is sick
Nice looking pair of e28 m5s
This was in great shape
Unique colour too
MKV on a somewhat less popular Vette wheel
Complete coincidence this and the one above are almost identical shots
Golf on VSXX’s
Previous Vagkraft winner
Follow him on twitter @volkswag
This car is spotless, one of the cleanest cars I have ever seen inside and out
Beautiful freshly done interior too
The owner is a nice guy as well
All of these were amazing examples of well kept older VWs
I think all from Bankrupt
Closer look at the Caddy
Didn’t notice the subtle two tone until looking at the photo later
This GTI was parked a little ways from the cars above but was done in a similar timeless fashion


Outside seemed to continously be filling with cars even though the roll in was supposed to go until 11 or so. Props to the staff for not turning people away.

I’ve always loved this finish from Work
E46 and Infiniti rolled up a few minutes before I left
I thought this was the only one in Ontario but the owner informed me there are actually 2 more, beautiful fast car
The Fiat 500 now with super aggressive pull
The Fiat had the uncanny ability of attracting models
I think I have to email these shots to this model actually…
Last one
Line up of various VWs
Amazingly clean
Now that is some Stretch & Poke
As was this one on ATS Type 5s with vintage luggage on the roof rack
Dug this shot for whatever reason
I wrote about these wheels awhile back, never thought to see them so close to home
In addition to being very unique they suit the car very, very well
My dog Olive however couldn’t care less
Perhaps my favourite GTI of the show…
Upon seeing this car my girlfriend said I like this and I don’t know why
Golf with a skateboard as a rack fairing
Looks like it has been there for ahwile
Justin is in-between wheels at the present time
Dark Shark also between wheels
Chop Shop Jetta, some of you might remember from the Eurokracy coverage
Very nice build in person
I just realized I briefly had stickers available in these two colours, should bring that back.
Josh came by as well
Love how his car sits aired out
Tucks a ton of wheel
I heard after I left the owner of this car started it up, reved it, then it basically started spewing disturbing amounts of exhaust from the tailpipe
He ended up driving it home despite people urging him otherwise, anyone know the full story?

Hopefully see you next year at Euronited.


  1. for anyone interested in the full story of the TT.

    Its a 3.2 turbo, owner seemed very ignorant.
    Told me that he had to disconnect power to the HPFP at night otherwise the car would be dead in the morning. (parasitic draw?)

    Anyways, he plugged the connecters back in with the wrong polarities, Fried the HPFP, Drove to the show with no HPFP.
    My guess is that he blew all of (or most of) his ring-lands due to -way to much air and no fuel.

    Probably lost a liter of oil out the exhaust when he turned it on at the show to demonstrate.
    Then I assume the remainder of the oil left the engine on his way home.

    Message to the owner – If you’re reading this my hat goes off to you for being retarded.

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