Event Coverage: Boost Theory Grand Opening


On Sunday a new performance shop in Mississauga opened under the name Boost Theory and as the name implies they specialize in forced induction but are more than capable of working on N/A motors, suspension and anyting else you would expect from a good performance shop.

On my way home from Euronited (coverage tomorrow) I swung by and was greeted by Focal Point Concepts, Elevated, Sic Ryde, and a few other local celebrities.

I didn’t get a whole lot of coverage but I did get a few interesting cars. Not too many shots of inside the shop because they had a pretty elaborte model shoot going on that I didn’t want to interfere with.

The Shop & Shop Cars

Boost Theroy’s two main shop cars parked right out front
Fairly certain both of these cars are in the 650+ club, I know the Skyline puts down 695 or so
I think I read this car might be above 8 but don’t quote me
Paul’s setup
and if the cars are not fast enough…
It’s almost a prerequisite that every shop have CP24 on 90% of the time
A list of what they can do for you
This R32 was recently plasti-dipped white
Don’t know much about this car but it’s probably safe to assume it’s pretty fast
Most of the day there was a huge crowd around this Pulsar GTI-R
Which makes sense because these cars are not exactly common around here
Not sure what the goal number is for this build


Like this, simple, to the point
When I pulled up I thought this car was leaving but thankfully he was just relocating
Nice touch with the Asahai can
The view from the shop door
Focal Point Concepts
Probably the tenth time I have taken a similar picture of his engine bay
This car spits hot fire
I actually like these wheels more with the white faces over her previous completely polished look
Still one of the cleanest female owned rides in the area
For every picture of Spenser’s Bay I have equal pictures of Brian’s hatch
Once again the Trial Widebody
and as promised pictures of the interior… cf panels and all
The bay (car is wrapped)

Boost Theory is located at 777 Dundas Street West and can be found on Facebook.


  1. “For every picture of Spenser’s Bay I have equal pictures of Brian’s hatch”

    HAHAHA… thats jokes!
    Thanks for the love Dave!

  2. Man, still lovin’ that red SiR… got a pic of the owner? Curious to see if she’s as nice to look at as her car!

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