Event Coverage: Mosport DMCC 2012: Show And Shine


Before I get into coverage from the events that took place this past weekend I ought to finish off the coverage from the previous weekend so with that here is the show & shine coverage from the 2012 DMCC Mosport event.

Put on by Carlos of SLC Productions the show & shine this year wasn’t as big as I remember from 2010 but it did have a decent mix of cars and since it was actually cheaper to enter the show and shine than pay for 2 regular price admissions a lot of people who wouldn’t normally show (like myself) entered.

Rockstar was showing off their vinyl sticker bomb sheet which would be a lot easier than collecting all those stickers. Do they need to get permission from each company to print that though?
Parked beside the bombed car was this fairly clean e30

Five Axis kitted, and stainless wrapped, Scion IQ that was in PAS last month

Spy shot of my car from trackside… those are this years Importfest/Stance Is Everything fliers all over it

Pig nose on white MSR’s
This beastly looking Jeep was actually one of my favorite vehicles of the show
Matt’s car with the Neo Motorsports hood prop
RSX with a whole wack of JDM parts
I preffered the simplicity of this RSX over the one above just a little bit
Explicit Contentz came out… one day I am going to ask how many man hours are in that hood
Their A3 clipped Golf
Colin’s s2000 with the full CF front end and shaved bay
Thanks for the love Colin!
By now you are all probably familar with John’s new look
Murdered out r33
Every time I see this car I wonder what a different bumper would look like on it
I somehow managed to misplace the owner of this trucks card as I wanted to get in touch with him, love the truck
This Blazer also came along with him and I was a fan of both
The custom dash really, really, helps update the interior of the Blazer and if they find a solution for the headlight switch it would be perfect
Back to the s10, since I saw it last at Megaspeed the bed has been painted
One last one…

Liam’s Cefiro

Going to end with Liams car because this was my first time seeing it in person and I am happy to say it looks just as good, if not better, than it does in pictures.

The twin setup wasn’t working out so well so he ditched it for a single
His Facebook stauses revealed it was a joy to do
He was talking about taking the aero off and sliding it at the next CSCS event so maybe look for it on the track this Sunday
Love the interior… it’s almost business causal… or something
I’m sure a lot of people had no idea what they were looking at when they passed by Liam’s car


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