Theme Tuesdays: 2014 H2O Favourites

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Having gone to H2O last year writing this ‘favourties of’ stings just a little bit more because I now know exactly what I missed.

Sure a lot of people have said 2014 was a circus this year what with the cops, the drunks, the boycotts, and shenanigans but if there’s one thing that remains true year after year it’s that the cars on the strip, in Ocean City, and at the show are awesome.

Today I’ve brought together a few of my favourite cars and photos so far. Coverage is still hitting the web so I’m sure a few more of my favourites will make the facebook page over the next week or so.


Lots of people are blaming the outcasts for the ‘fall’ of H2O. I don’t buy into that so I’m showing a few some love here

I used to hate Civics like this but for whatever reason I dig this one, probably cause the owner is a straight up dude
This might be one of the best looking ELs (or Domani if youw ant to get JDM) I have ever seen
I’m actually looking to see more of this, anyone?
It’s no secret I like a lot of s10s but this one is a top 5 in my eyes. Simple and clean execution, execution, execution
So good to see this back out again! The new color scheme is great too, as is the new air dam
So good to see this back out again! The new color scheme is great too, as is the new air dam
This car was supposed to make it last year but didn’t, glad to see that it arrived this year
I should have gone just to see this car…


Classic. Truly.
Wild how right this looks without bumpers
Such a different take on the street driven R32. The Mtechnica Aeros work perfect too
I think these are the new Magnus Walker wheels perhaps?
Big faces.
Last time I posted this car it had some broken barrels, great to see it back sorted and rolling
Everyone loves a good Beetle
I’m nearly positive that the owner of this car also owns this bagged Mustang Pace car
I’ve seen surprisingly little about this car, but Trevor (vr6ts14) was kind enough to kick over this url which had a little bit more…


I feel like we will be seeing a lot of this car in the months to come… several photos have appeared already and people are just getting started with their coverage

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