Theme Tuesdays: Mazda 6s


When it comes to Mazdas, low, and wheel fitment, the 6 is brought up very seldom. I’m not really sure if this is because of the vehicles target demographic, or perhaps a lack of after market, but seeing a well done 6 is only slightly less shocking than seeing a unicorn.

Done right every generation of this car comes together really well, damn shame they stopped making the speed6 though…

Not sure if Air Lift plans on releasing the six kit but they should…
Really wish I could find more photos of this wagon, and is rocking a unique color
As you already know I’m a good fan of low white Mazdas…
This example sits very well on XD-9s
I believe this car is out in Ottawa region and those Varrstoens(?), look pretty good
This speed6 follows the K.I.S.S. philsophy
Beautiful execution with this car, excellent wheel choice on all fronts, brand, sizing, finish, and offset
Fairly aggressive set-up on this 6, I think this generation is a little restricted on camber too so probably a tough fit
Moving on to second generation Mazda 6s which I honestly don’t see too much on the road
Russia ain’t care.
When not covered in snow and slush the car looks pretty damn good
I’ve actually never encountered another set of SSR ‘Pure Spirits Dante’ wheels before very unique, distinctive looking wheel and the owner had them widened farily significantly when compared to the first picture
Six on Rotiform SNA’s and Airrunner suspension
Ordens look good on just about anything, including this third gen six
While a bit on the busy side for my own personal tastes I really like this over all
I swear I didn’t mean for this to be almost entirely white cars… it just kinda happened..

Might consider a follow up to this post in the next few months if you’ve got some I missed.


    • I have not made a post about it yet but I have an 09 Speed 3 now. Bags went back on about two months ago.

      Slow going scheduling around my son but should be in respectable shape next spring.

  1. Dave, I gotta commend you on this post. I had to buy a new car recently and this post, specifically the last white wagon posted, got me looking into the new 6. Now I have a black Touring with a black interior and 6 speed manual and I love it. It isn’t modded yet but I have plans in the works…

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