2010 SEMA Wheel Gallery


Most of  SEMA coverage part 4 was from the Wheel & Tire hall of the SEMA show. Looking through the photos for that batch I noticed I had amassed a decent amount of wheel shots from the various exhibitors at the show.

Instead of working these photos in with a set of  normal event coverage I figured these shots would make a great weekend post and so, here is the ‘2010 SEMA Wheel Gallery’.

The designs of the wheels in this wheel gallery range from luxury ‘bling’ to OEM/replica along with a few revised classics.

While we didn’t hit all of the booths but we did hit quite a few.

Replica/OEM reproductions

Everyone rags on Rota for making replica’s of wheels produced by other aftermarket manufacturers but what is the general vibe on brands that make OEM replicas?

Are those ‘fakes’ too? Should the people who run them face the same ridicule as those who run Rotas? Should anyone face ridicule? This argument goes round and round, that’s why I stay out of it.

Rota's 2010/2011 line up
If Rota's fit your budget, do you
I wanted those up sized IROC replica's really bad when I had my Blazer
SRT 10 replica wheels in quite a few different sizes and finishes

II Craze

Before SEMA I had never heard of II Crave wheels which sort of makes sense as they seem to be more of a luxury brand. They did have those cute models though.

I could easily see these wheels in a rap video or something
Time attack look meets luxury

Tenzo R

A lot of Mazda 3 guys rock Tenzo R wheels due to their affordability and appealing designs.

Check out that ladies shirt!
New for 2010/11

Status Wheels

Another luxury brand for the shot callers among us…

I challenge someone to rock those single spokes and have them look good...
I wonder how many 24x9 wheels manufacturers really sell


I follow the guys at Enkei on twitter so I made a point to check out their booth and see what they were up to.

It was cool to see the beginnings of their booth on the web and the finished product in person.

Enkei's got their wheels in a variety of different colors this year
Enkei is not really known for their chrome wheels but they have sone
Their version of the time attack style
That black RPF-1 was calling out to me
Looking forward to seeing where these re released J-Speeds end up


Assorted brands and designs from throughout the Wheel and Tire hall.

Big wheel, is big.
I know about Alex rims more in the BMX sense, so it was cool to see their automotive offerings
Ti lips are tough to pull off
I am actually not sure if this was a legit Torque Thrust
These wheels by Anella kind of remind me of wheels by RTX
Big dish on these wheels by Dolce
The black/red stripe time attack look was popular amongst a few brands including Dynamic Alloys
Ion alloys did car, suv and light truck wheels
Some offerings from SSW
Vossen brought quite a few of their deep dish wheels out

Starting to see the end of the SEMA photo tunnel since I have spent a lot of today going through photos, still a lot of good stuff to post up and I’ll have another show stopper tomorrow.


    • Des I have come close to pulling the trigger on RPF-1’s more than once but it’s been done a few times so somehow I have held off.

      Santi, you know I didn’t noticed the similarity between those and your wheels but you are right!

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