Event Coverage: The 2013 Canadian International Autoshow: Pt. 1


The Canadian International Autoshow  celebrates 40 years of operation this year which makes me wonder how many I’ve attended throughout the years.

Though the number is likely  less than half I can remember as a child, attending the show with my dad, running from car to car for a  chance go get in the drivers seat and pretend to drive.

Now I run from car to car taking photos in between going from booth to booth gathering press kits on automotive themed USB keys. My how times change.

I did get behind the wheel of a few cars though ranking them on my ever changing list of potential next vehicles but I will elaborate on those later this week.

For this post I plan to focus on the modified cars that appeared in the show as part of various different feature exhibits.

Sport Compact Evolution

For their 40th anniversary shindig the Canadian International Autoshow decided to dedicate a section of the show to sport compacts. Site sponsor Nextmod and media partner CSCS both brought a few cars from their respective garages out as did Can-Jam Motorsports sponsored rally driver Crazy Leo.

Canjam motor sports road racing hawkeye that is evidently the fastest road racing Subaru in Canada
Crazy Leo’s car after one of his more recent adventures
Looks like the guys at Can Jam have their work cut out for them before this car hits the rally course again
Two of the FR-S’ from Scion Top Tuner challenge
Brett’s NSX promoting Importexpo like always
Jame’s Hougton’s incredibly quick Type R
This NIssan looks to be a new addition to the Nextmod stable
Kevin’s previously featured STI which he constantly seems to flip back and forth in about selling
Nextmod/APH cyber Evo
Peter’s GTR, which is now sporting a HKS GT800 kit under the hood
There’s probably my car worth of carbon in that  front lip/splitter
I still kind of think this  kit  makes the ss2000 look like a fish but it’s growing on me
Kensai Racing’s pair of GT3s

Pfaff Tuning

Prior to the show Erik (tuning consultant at Pfaff) gave me a quick run-down on the Pfaff vehicles I shouldn’t miss. I’m glad I sought these cars out as each was very photogenic.

DBS on Adv-1s and I believe H&R coils, great classy combination
Pfaff’s Project 991 Bronze Edition which you can check out a video of this car here
Pfaff’s GT3 race car
I was surprised to find very few people around this car


As a rule the Autoexotica exhibit at the Autoshow has always been a bit of a tease to me. Spending time in a room surrounded by cars I will never be able to afford (without donating an organ) is a harsh smack of reality I’m not always in the mood for.

However when the exhibit contains an F-40 I’m all for reality using me as a bit of a punching bag.

The Vanquish really is a great looking car
Wild, wild, horses
One of 12 publicly released MC12 Corsa’s
The Ferrarri 599XX with every 80’s child’s poster car lurking in the background
If you’ve ever been curious about the ground clearance of an F-40 here you go
I wonder how many of these are in Ontario and how many people who own them would be willing to take me for a ride…

Cruise Nationals

Last year the Cruise Nationals room was a bit of a hidden gem I stumbled upon while making my way from one media release to another.

This year I sought the room out and just like last year I had it practically all to myself.

’39 Ford Roadster from Ajax with a LS3 under the hood thumping out 480hp
1970 Challenger that had an all fibreglass body (save for the roof and rear valence)
The 440s got a Weiand high rise intake and 413 cylinder heads
’55 Ford F-100 with tons of subtle custom body modifications throughout including that smooth front roll pan
322 motor stroked to 347 c.i. 490 horse

Canadian Hot Rod Builders Showcase

A first for the Canadian International Autoshow the Canadian Hot Rod builders show case did exactly as the name implies.

I thought it would be hard to top last years showcase (Triumphs) but this years was right on the money for me.

If you like American metal like myself, or customization at any level, check out this exhibit you won’t be disappointed.

Oddball Customs Booch
Taylor’d Customs brought two builds to the show, the first was the Montbomb
Check out this time lapse of this car getting finished for Autorama in 2011
There’s simply no mistaking the front end of this car, or this car as a whole really
Taylor’d Customs second vehicle in the show was this Chevy
I need an old truck…
The main room of the Canadian Hot Rod Builders showcase
Nice traditional Street Rod Styling
Really happy with how this shot turned out
This car reminds me of the movie Gangster squad
Beautiful Willy’s
Another shot that I was pretty happy with how it turned out
and another beautiful Willys
As smooth as you’d want and as wide as tubbed as you could possibly want.

Part two of the Canadian International Auto Show Coverage will be up later this week! Stay tuned.

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