Event Coverage CSCS 2011: Round III Pt 2


Here’s part two of the round three CSCS coverage. Today’s post is nearly double the size of yesterdays so if you are into cars that perform on the track and ones that slide this post will be right up your alley.

I think I spent a little too much time track side this weekend because now I really wish I had the means to build something for the track now and these thoughts can lead no place financially beneficial, anyway onto the coverage!


While the drag strip was shut down due to a car spewing coolant from 1/8th mile marker all the way to the 1/4 mile marker my friend Steve and I headed out to the pit area of TMP to check out what was going on over yonder. Turns out there was quite a bit of stuff worth taking a look at.

I am jealous of this kid, very jealous
Clean MR2 waiting to get out on the course, the first MR2 I have seen locally in some time
RSK on J lines perhaps?
A look underhood
M3 waiting for it's turn out on the course
Beast of a Subaru sponsored by NV Auto
NV auto Miata seen out on the drift course
Days of Thunder is one of those movies I watch whenever it's on even though I have seen it so many times
Drift mechanics
Soarer setup to grip
This Civic was also wearing some seriously grippy shows
Fat and flush
Very nice Skyline on some CR - Kais
This shot gives you a bit of a better idea how many people were waiting to hit the track
Two very quick cars patiently waiting to tear the track a new one
Cooling after setting a new course record, note the hood discoloration


I like people who think outside of the box and this Jaguar (XJ?) setup for the road course is most certainly outside of the box. The older British gentlemen who brought out this car were very nice and explained that they bought the car for $500 and spent around $2500 turning it into the race machine you see below.

It’s so unique and unlike anything else on the track and I absolutely loved seeing them tear it up.

Looks like they managed to grab some Sailun support
Funny seeing a bare bones Jaguar interior
Looking back I wish I waited until the guy in the background was gone
Doesn't look like it here but it is moving quite quick
Cornered well for such a big cat!


Another awesome unique car that was out last Sunday
Wasn't able to catch it on the strip so I caught it stationary
Identify this car, earn internet fame
That same car showing an Integra what's up

Road Course

Track action last Sunday was pretty eventful though I somehow managed to miss both fires and an engine grenade itself.

Aero scraping cornering
Lined up in one of my favorite locations for panning shots
The official time this car made it around the track was 1:15:59


For the first time in my history of CSCS I took some pictures from the area of the course not protected by a wall, making me one of the several people they had to warn that if a car goes wayward your legs might separate from your body.

While it’s most certainly a bit more dangers to stand where I was it does make for awesome photos. Maybe next round I will convince Chris to let me have one of those orange vests and get on track….

Chris about to slide past Fiddy
Wayne was killing it in his is300
Another shot off Wayne sliding his luxury sedan
This car is still lookin' super clean
Anthony chasing Wayne
Anthony leading Ryan Stock through the course
Anthony looked solid all day and was able to take home his first win at a CSCS event
I think Andrew and Humphrey are happier than Anthony lol
Tandem dougnuts set off the drift expo
Who needs both hands anyway
Ryan Stock lighting it up in the demo
Brave girl, e30 drivers can't be trusted
Tire smoke is good for the lungs right?
Fiddy doing what he does best

That is all for this round of CSCS see you at the next round… or perhaps Importfest this weekend.


  1. Volvo 120/122/amazon = internet fame
    loved that jag 2, stopped me dead in my tracks and was one of the 3 cars I took a pics of

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