Event Coverage: CSCS 2011 Round II: Part 1


I’m not sure what kind of deal with the devil Chris and the organizers of CSCS made between last season and this in regards to weather but we are now two events deep in the CSCS calendar and the weather has been outstanding.

Actually outstanding isn’t an accurate description of the weather on Sunday, dehydrating might be better, or perhaps sun burn inducing, or maybe even heat stroke administering. You get the idea it was damn hot.

Wrath of the sun aside the CSCS crew managed to pull off another action packed event for sport compact fans in Ontario this time for the first ever time at Mosport in Bomanville. Having this event East of Toronto brought out a lot of people who don’t normally make it to CSCS which was great because new faces are always welcome.


The lack of a drag strip at Mosport limited some of the more serious track equipped domestics but the addition of a mobile dyno brought out a couple different ones.

I was going to join the 905 Rides / Division R cruise up to CSCS but having ridden all day before sleep seemed like a better option
The large URL sticker from the Stance Is Everything store is in this shot three times, too sick.
This car must be up near Bomanville because the only time I seem to see it is when I am east of the city
Fairly sure this guy just came out to use the dyno, that could have been another Camarao too though
The airbrushing on the side of this Cavalier show car was pretty awesome
In addition to having that super charger under the hood it had two bottles of nitrous in the back which I heard a guy tell his girlfriend was 'nawss'


Clean executed Subaru
Kevin and the now familiar to all of you Varis STI
Gill leading the Scraped Crusaders into the infield, hover craft status


A couple of the usual suspects but a few which I have never seen before near the end. Including a very eye pleasing first generation Civic.

Don't think I've come across this build before, very clean, sits nice too
Brad aired out in the grass
White cars every where
This s200 was in front of the Option JDM booth which had it's own sound system and a guy rapping (kind of)
This generation of Civic is hit or miss for me but this one is most def hit
My favorite Honda of the show had to be this Civic, unbelievably clean for any Civic, stupid clean for it's age
Completely immaculate underneath the hood as well, as was the interior


Too fast motors brought out there promo car, not sure about the new lip additions, in my opinion the one CF lip would look better
Gone wide
Pretty sure he probably carried some wheels and tires on the way to the event
I think the last time I saw this car it looked a little different, but all I can remember is that plate
These should come off the lot like this
Super poking out of the hood
Black on red looks killer and I would be interested to see it on a different style of wheel


Ryan's car reminds me a lot of mine as those DAI's are similar style to the A-techs I had
A couple Toronto Mazda 3 members were out actually
Mike grabbed some Stance Is Everything stickers to complete that back window of his 😀
and he recently took home best Mazda and best wheels at a previous event
You know you are suffering heat stroke when you don't realize there was a model in your picture until you got home and edited
This FC was parked diagonally across from me, clean build


The Volkswagens and Audis at this rounds CSCS were simply incredible, all of the four door golfs were extremely well executed and the two bagged ones laid out very nice.

This car has always been a favorite of mine as it's very clean and has that no tuck, no gap, no poke fitment going on
Rotiforms are starting to pop up around here, which is cool
The fitment on the rear of this car is money
Curious how much trial and error it took to get that perfect
When I first saw this car there was a crowd around it so I made sure to come back and get a shot with no one around simply gorgeous on those teal Work VS-XX wheels
The color scheme carried through into the bay
I've been in contact with the owner of this car since CSCS and I should have more pics of it in August 😀

Track shots will be coming your way tomorrow, stay tuned sports fans.


  1. That bagged UG GTI on the Super RS’ is Phil’s. That wheel whore got them to sit perfect in one shot – doing all his offset and tire math beforehand FTW. Mina’s BMP GTI (J’s Racing Teal VS-XX’s) was able to do the same with Phil’s help and infinite fitment wisdom. =)

  2. The two nos bottles in the back of that cavalier are actually used for his air ride.
    Also, any notice his Mazda headlights?

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