Event Coverage: CSCS round II: Part 2


Here’s the follow up to yesterdays coverage including all of the track shots.The venue switch brought out a number of cars and one of the cars that had the biggest hype around it was the Nextmod/APH Evo which made it’s debut on Sunday.

On the drift side of track events the cars were run in the same challenging configuration as DMCC which made for a pretty eventful top 16. The speed people carried into the first turn varied quite a bit which made the tandems pretty interesting.

As always I wandered around the pics for awhile, snapped some drift shots, and tried my hand at more panning shots.


People were pretty busy in the pits at Mosport, mostly trying to figure out ways to keep their cars from over heating.

Cars ready to go out on the track, not sure what class this is however
Sasha Anis was out with his Castrol Edge sponsored Hyundai Genesis
I never actually saw Pete run his hatch but he was out in another teal one
Pat Cyr had his street car out, I think he ran practice while I was sleeping
Amanda Carlton also brought her car out, but I didn't catch her driving either
Rounding out the people I didn't see run was Mr. Fiddy
Hood less Chris
Looks like Cody picked up a few sponsors since the last CSCS
Got a little love tap in the top 8, fixed it with zipties
Looks like Chris is no longer the only competing e30

Time attack

A lot of people like the course at Mosport and it showed because they had a lot of cars to get run in a relatively short amount of time.

Defcon Racing ek sponsored by optionjdm
RSX-7 tearing up the road course
One of the more unorthodox track cars you will see
Sasha rippin'


Ryan Stock is part of the ever growing Sailun team
The man who pilots this car is also on team Sailun
Read a build on this the other day, pretty interesting
Sailun trade you this photo in high res for some used but decent 215/45/17s for my stock wheels 😛
Lots of cars missing panels, was pretty damn hot
Cody's car pre bump influences surgery
Liam killin' it as per usual
First time I'd seen Jesse compete in his redone drop
Jesse seemed to have some fans where I was sitting too
He also should have got extra points for the steezy bucket
Every event I go to Chris figures out a way to cover me in hay, dirt, or dust everything you see in this pic floated over into the crowd
Anthony and Cody kept their tandems close enough for me to get them both in one shot
This car was super clean, even more so for a drifter

The Evo

Nextmod and Advance Powerhouse decided to debut their new track car at CSCS round 2 which is a completely gutted and redone Evolution 9 MR. I don’t have the full specs on the car but I heard it dynoed around 500hp and it looked pretty quick out there on the track.

A lot of late nights went into getting this car ready for Sunday
I read someone online call this a show car... lol
While it looks good it's definitely made for the track
Domo rockin' the passenger seat
I took a lot of panning shots of the car and this was the only one that turned out, more next round

CSCS continues August 21s back at Cayuga, see you there.


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