Guest Coverage: CSCS Round 2012 Round 4


Sunday was one hell of a busy day here in Ontario with four events occurring simultaneously, which is actually something that has been occurring more often than not this year.

The first of event getting coverage this week is round fourth round of the 2012 Canadian Sport Compact Series which was back at Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga.

This rounds coverage comes from contributing photographer Jon Ouimette and (at least for myself) it is cool to see his take on the event compared to my own and hopefully you all feel the same.

Show and Shine

Jon didn’t spend too much time in the show and shine but he did manage to grab some snaps of the more interesting cars parked near the entrance of Cayuga.

Very nice looking s2000 an awful long way from Cali
I’ve always liked this particular EK
I flip flop a little on bright wheels but as retina burning as this is I think it works
Tommy Kaira – Silver Wolf R35 from Maruyichi Auto


Looks like Riley (drifting hardbody) ended up behind the wheel of a Miata?
Looks pretty comfortable none the less
Kind of looks like the “Okay” meme face…maybe I spent to much time on the Internet
Drifters Anonymous
More used to seeing this car sans bumper

Time Attack

With no rain in the forecast for this round it looks like both the time attack and drag strip were quite busy

Ready to rip
Kensai RSX
Tripodding just a wee bit
Hawk eye ripping it up
Function and Form perfect on this car
Defcon Racing’s Mark Botelho chasing records like always Integra chasing records like always
Looks like the hay bales behind this RSX saw a bit of action
Touge Tuning’s Subaru is a regular fixture, always fast
Awesome sequence
Team name win
Another from Team Track Whores
Fat, Flush, and functional
Nextmod’s RSX
Really like this s14
I have been trying to get a shot like this for awhile, Jon does it first event… bah!
Looks like Jon’s got a knack for it


Huge thanks to Jon for picking up the slack around here in terms of drag coverage, hopefully I can gkeep this going into round four.

I can’t recall the last time I saw one of these period let alone on the strip
According to Jon this car is deafeningly loud and if you remember from Megaspeed makes  1500hp
Not sure what numbers this one puts down
Nor this one…
This Stang is a monster from what I remember
This is also no slouch
Snowmobiles are absurdly fast
Camaro putting the power down

Thanks to Jon for helping out with the camera work, might see if I can get him to help out again at the finale.


  1. uHHH dAMM, My car was in between the blue subby and the red s2, No love for the black car, Thats racist! haha I seen my quarter panel in one pic and my bumper in another FML hahaha. I know if the stance man was there I woulda got some love, regardless…Great pics!

  2. There were other cars, but Hondas were the most frequent on the track. Basically 70% of the non Hondas that were tracking were bone stock so I didn’t focus on them all that much.

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