Kick Game


Maybe it’s just me but I have always thought these cars looked like shoes, not to say they are not capable of looking good or performing well (as this post proves), but they still look like shoes.

Maybe the perfect car for a sneaker aficionado?

Murdered out
The shoe profile is really evident here, nice dish though
LMs the be spinnin
Never seen this color before, pretty nice
I found a lot of pics of this one sitting on Work Meisters
More of the above with an e46 hanging around
Being M powered these coupes can move


  1. i have a huge soft spot for the z4m especialy in red lol i have to say ive never noticed the shoe shape thave always reminded me of the old bred vas of lotus and farrari of old but the she thing makes more sense

  2. these things are awsome! they’re the modern day triumph tr6’s. the murdered out one looks quite tasty on those volks as well

  3. @Joe you are right they are pretty similar to a Triumph Tr6

    @ollie p I’ve been told on twitter the look like a clown shoe specifically 😉

  4. They definitely look like clown shoes. I’ve thought that too since day one. However… that does not make me love them any less. Amazing cars.

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