Theme Tuesdays: E36s


Not sure why it took me this long to do a Theme Tuesday dedicated to e36s but it did, so without further adieu here is something for the e36 lovers. Warning you will see lots and lots of style 5’s in this post, but that’s not a bad thing.

I also included a few local e36s in the mix.

Local Boys

Let’s start things off with a few of the local e36 guys who are doing things right

The Infamous Project e36
Beauty looking e36 I saw at the Bimmer experience in Mississauga
Buddy of contributing photographer Keven Soldo
This car started as a non M but was completely converted to M status, it was recently sold
The lips on this drop are crazy
Doogee is no stranger to this blog
Still for sale!
This owner of this car was cocky as hell and claimed the lowest e36 in Ontario for awhile...
He was shortly, more humbly dethroned by this gentleman

Out of towners

As usual cars from all over the great internet

Don't always need an M bumper to look good, more people should rock BBS RCs
Red on gold will never get old
Green on green isn't bad either, really like this one
Waiting for these wheels to reappear on Seans ride
It's a damn shame that this car got destroyed, damn shame
F**in bomb
Tired of style 5s yet? No? Me either
This is rare, normally the white rims are dirtier than the car...
Jammed on M countours
Jon Sibal wad up

That’s it for now but ti fans don’t worry, I have started collecting pics for an e36ti Theme Tuesday all ready.

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