Event Coverage: Fleetwood Cruize In Part 2


Continuing the Fleetwood Country Cruize In coverage from Monday I have got 40+ more photos of classic, mostly American, metal to share with the class. This show being my first outdoor classic show of 2011 might have spoiled me and set the expectations a little high for the rest of the year but I am still looking forward to checking out more classic events.

As I have said again and again my favorite part about the classic events is the atmosphere and the conversations I have with the car owners, many of which who have owned and worked on their cars for longer than I have been alive.

Just to give you an idea of how big the show was this is a shot of just one of the fields where cars were on display.

I think if I had an even wider lens this would be more intense

The Plunkett Collection

Steve Plunkett is a huge Cadillac enthusiast who luckily enough has the coin to support his passion. His personal collection is fairly robust from both a car stand point and memorabilia stand point. I didn’t take too many pictures of it because it was packed inside but if you want an in depth look at his collection just give his site a visit.

Imagine this was your personal show room? Some people have all the luck
This was the only one of his Caddys I shot, a custom 58 Deville on an 86 chassis

Lifted stuff

All of these went up in a big, big way.

This gets 2 miles to the gallon and costs $1500 to fill...
Sweet lord this is a high truck
Props to this guy for keeping a K1 cancer free


Not really too many VWs at the show which isn’t unexpected being the type of show that it was but here are a couple.

This bug was for sale, 10.5 fairly reasonable actually.

Group Shots

I took a few group shots just to make my editing life a tiny bit easier.

Classic metal as far as the eye can see
Huge fan of this pair, daily one weekend the other?
This plate speaks the truth
The black and yellow motor I posted yesterday lived in this
The truck in the background had some TV time on the local London station promoting the show which is weird cause I think he is from out my way

Random and interesting

This show had a lot to offer outside of customs and traditional Hot Rods, here are a few more of interesting vehicles that caught my eye.

One cool Kart
No Mr. Fusion or Flux capacitor 🙁 BTTF poster inside though
My neighbor has one of these in many pieces in his garage right now
Mighty straight looking Fargo on Foose wheels
Cab over tow rig!
I needed to see this collection of die casts like I needed a hole in my wallet. Lucky I had spent all my cash by the time I saw it
Dan's humpback, pretty crazy
The owner of this Laguna bought it new and had a child born in the front seat then married in the same seat years later. Few people keep cars this long now.
Studabker front ends are pretty much love, put me on the love side
This car has been replicated several times all the way down to Hot Wheels scale
A lot of work was put into this Green Hornet replica
I don't think the rear mounted artillery did anything but the front were paintball guns
Shot of the interior and the various switches and knobs. Oil slick anyone?

Just Fast

A few cars that would test your manhood when you stomped down on the loud pedal.

Speed Sport Special 2: A Canadian built airplane motor powered altered dragster
Closer look at that plane motor
This Pinto had no specs listed but I think the tires and wheelie bar speak for themselves
Bet this scoots down the 1/4 mile right quick
Quick silver
She Boom gone wild, 1500hp of chop topped fully custom Caddy
The lip of that rear wheel looks to be the width of my wheels.
544 Cubic in.

Traditional rods and classics

So many incredibly built traditional hot rods and immaculately kept up classics at Fleetwood.

The first car I snapped a photo of on Saturday, hats off to the owner it's very clean
This look can be done 100000 times and I will still love it
Parked out in the front of the lot this midnight blue Ford looked menacing
If Grave Digger was a hot rod...
If Grave Digger was a hot rod...
Flawlessly executed.
Flathead powered Ford
Closer view of the detailed flathead
Great looking 28 Model T truck
One of the many cars I wanted to hear roar check out those pipes
This was parked near the front of the compound which made for a pleasant back drop


Galaxie 5 with beauty paint
Beautiful Lime green Willys
The motor from Monday's set belonged in this Nova
And this is the Green Bel Air
Such a nicely done air management setup in addition to the awesome under hood and exterior

That’s it from Fleetwood 2011, however I recently signed up to The H.A.M.B so don’t be surprised if I end up hanging around a few more large scale classic events before the summer is out provided I can fit everything in.

CSCS coverage will be coming later today as long as I can sneak a little bit of lunch time to polish up the post.


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