Theme Tuesdays: Dat Ass Part 2


If you Google ‘Dat Ass Car, Dat Ass Stance, Stance Dat Ass’ and so forth the first result you get is my last Theme Tuesday. While that’s pretty awesome it made finding cars for the follow up a little harder than usual as I just kept ending up back here.

But whats life without it’s challenges right? A little changes in what I searched for and I was able to put together Dat Ass Part 2. Enjoy.

Starting off with a bang
Classic VW ass
E30 ass shots are always sick
Scions are one of the vehicles I don't mind with tons of camber...
Meaty stance
Look at the hips on this Porsche
*side steps obvious 69 jokes*
Very clean
Sick RSR
A very distinctive looking rear end
mmm Rice.
Someone should send me a link to a bunch of Soarers... just sayin
What up Ivy League


  1. love the zim zimmers but!!! Come on, you need an e type jag in there. Just sayin’.

    Also a missed opportunity for some girls hanging off the back end of cars 😛

  2. I almost bought a SC400 instead of my first Cobra, I still think they’re great looking cars (especially when tastefully modified). I saw a nice white one for sale the other day down in the states, I almost pulled the truck over to check it out, but then sanity returned.

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