Event Coverage: Fleetwood Cruize In: Part 1


Since I had never been to Fleetwood Country Cruize In before I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I figured it would be pretty good at least being affiliated with The Speed Channel and Meguairs’ Car Crazy, but I really had no idea just how big of a classic car event this was until we were on our way to Dorchester the night before and we passed classic after classic on the highway.

This was easily the biggest car show I have been to in Ontario with vehicles sprawled all over the ginormous Plunkett estate. It was a sight to behold and worth the trip if you were ever debating it.

Because the show was huge and a lot to take in I decided not to go too crazy with the photos just and enjoy the beautiful day (violent morning hail storms aside) and amazing cars. Most of today’s photos are just of cars that interested me in general, some of which don’t really have a lot of crazy modifications when it comes to suspension and wheels but were interesting none the less.

Even though I tried to ‘take it easy’ on the photos I still ended up with around 90 in total necessitating multiple posts for this one event, whoops.

Artistic shots

I try to keep the photos around here pretty straight on because I consider myself someone who takes pictures and not a photographer but occasionally I like to try a few different style of shot and a couple of my favorites are below.

I've always had a fondness for hubcap shots, but I find it hard to keep myself out
Did a better job of keeping myself out of the picture here
Headlight reflection are also pretty cool
I saw a lot of pin stripping over the course of the weekend, which makes me want to do some
Cool decals like these need to become prevalent again, but I suppose the cars would need to be cool to match...

Amphibious Cars

While we were walking around the show Lyndsey suddenly exclaimed ‘a car just drove into the water!’ to which I replied ‘ya it’s an amphibious car’ before realizing that this was actually the first time I had ever seen an amphibious car in the water, in person.

Pretty cool little mechanical marvels and looking back on the day I kind of wish we waited out the line for a ride in one.

So I suppose you need a both and car license for one of these?
In she goes, one of the other drivers just gave er full speed into the water
While not very fast at all they look damn cool

and speaking of watercraft there was this fast boat sitting not too far from the amphibious cars, If I recall it goes about 130mph and makes 1200hp on pump gas

Probably be a lot of fun out on the water...
Imagine the conversations you could have with this behind you? Ha none.


Almost to the lowered cars but these cars also really interested me. That automotive A.D.D. one day I will get it under control I swear…

Zimmers were made in Florida and based around Ford 302s. Only 8 convertibles of this one in the foreground were made
I have seen this red car on the left before, but I can't remember where... Oh and happy car is happy.
The owner say this car is made up of over 40 different cars, I believe him.
A Nissan Figaro first time I have seen or heard of this car
This roof reminds me of Baur e30s
This plaque was pretty neat
Mark Hamill is that you?
Follow through, this car has it...
A mini pulling a small trailer. I may have seen it all now...
Ok Ollie have you ever seen this before?

Under hood shots

I don’t take enough pictures of motors I have realized, I am going to make an effort to change that.

This sat inside a sick Nova which I will be posting tomorrow
The exterior of this car is bright and colorful but the engine bay is simple and clean
Forced induction Mustang bay
I will be posting the rest of this Bel Air tomorrow as well, until then here is a taste
This Corvette engine bay had a lot of cf accent pieces to set it of in black and yellow (repeat x4)

In the weeds

About time I get to some cars with low ride heights eh?

Biscayne hittin' switches
One of the vehicles we passed on the highway
Pretty sure this was a La Selle, making it the first I have seen in awhile
Bagged Mercury Montego, never seen one of these modded before
I'm a sucker for old trucks like these, the rally wheels really suit it too
Fond of this truck also, though not so much the huge stacks it had in the bed
This had some of the best looking paint I have ever seen
Beauty of a lead sled
This was absolutely bad ass
If you look close you can see the outline of the child seat in the rear.
You just have to appreciate a car with this much patina
You guys might remember this Catalina, known as the Tomohawk, from Performance World
One of the things I couldn't do at Performance World was get a good shot of the inside, that was no problem here
I am one hell of a fan of this car, even if it is basically pink

Rat rods, Fargos, Pintos, Studabakers, and more in the next installment from Fleetwood.


  1. lol that pic of the Biscayne, i thought it was missing the right front wheel until I read your subtitle… duh!

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