Theme Tuesday: Hydraulics, No Wires


Last week in jest I made the following comment when posting that clean Fiesta:

when was the last time you saw a car with hydraulic suspension that didn’t have wires?

After reading that a few people on the fan page urged me to look a little harder into the land of hydraulic (or Hydropneumatic) suspension to broaden my horizons. So I did.

While I had guessed a few people outside of the traditional lowrider community were dabbling in the land of juice I was surprised to see how widespread the use of hydraulics is over a variety of platforms.

I honestly had no idea that in some causes hydraulics are simply the best alternative for people looking to go low when they have a platform that is not so mainstream.


No Impalas, Caddys, or Lincolns here just cars you might not expect to be juiced…

Neither coils or bags got Adams Saturn this low
So he threw this in the trunk (old pic and the car is currently undergoing a makeover)
One of the craziest things about hydraulics is the obscene amount of lift...
Juiced Punto... very Euro
Hydro setup in the spare tire well
Look another Fiesta
Lift again...
Hydroholics CL
Very intricate hardline setup
GS made to tuck tons of wheel
Where there is a will there is a way
This ZX apparently on hydraulics...
Couldn't find any pictures of the setup though...
Showed this to guest blogger Josh and I think he cried a bit
Perhaps I should have showed him this one first
One of several MB's I found juiced on VIP Style Cars
As low as you want it
but if you want to slap 24s on it for a rap video shoot you have the ability
Wish I was able to find better pics of this one
A vet amongst the VIP community
This car has LEDS in the wheel wells... neat effect, works well in this shot
Same car at ride height
This Wald kitted Benz (and its owner) were in literally every thread I checked on the subject
I think he has ties with Hydroholics one of the people really turning the game on its head


There are lots of trucks on ‘dros but I decided to limit myself to these two unique applications

Mitsubishi Might Max... another Hydroholics ride
Super clean bed setup
This Armada (again Hydroholics) looked mighty familiar
Then I remembered I had seen it at SEMA
The suspension makes a hair more sense now

It turns out that a properly built hydraulic setup can ride just as good as an air ride setup thanks to accumulators which allow the ride quality to be adjusted an infinite amount of ways.

The more you know.

This thread is a good read on the subject if you  are interested.

Props to Adam and Jared for pushing me to look a little more into this.

Here is a video of the Wald Benz:


  1. Awesome! I’ve always wanted to juice the Lexus (for the love of lowriders) but I don’t know any reputable installers in my area.
    The amount of travel is amazing and with accumulators you can tune the ride nicely.

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