Event Coverage August 22nd CSCS Pt 2


The road track at Cayuga was pretty busy all day with lapping, time attack, and drifting going on. The number of events resulted in a capture card full of tons of photos and while I could have posted everything up today I’ve decided to break up the track coverage as well for those on phones/sketchy wifi.

This post contains photos of the the time attack event and a few cars I missed from yesterdays show & shine coverage, as well as a teaser of tomorrows coverage which will be nothing but drift action.

Off track

I knew I forgot some photos yesterday…

This is what happens when your car does not have a roof and it rains...
Purple, or pink?
So simple, so perfect
Saw this as I was leaving, even dirty as hell I still want it, BAD


This just made the fact that I wasn’t able to get out to a lapping event this year sting even more, I really need to try this.

As I mentioned yesterday this Subaru looked right at home on the track
Advance Power House Civic getting up on 3
Stage four Civic leaving the corner
RX-7 on CCWs being put to task
Speed 3s are made for the track
This rally prepped Subaru was set up for the track on the weekend and was tearing it up
And this Subaru was a damn monster
This Nextmod Evo was my first attempt at a panning shot
Godzilla! Godzilla!
A Cosworth Evo being put through it's paces
I'm quite pleased with how this shot turned out

For you guys anxiously waiting for the drift shots here is something to hold you until tomorrow:

This, and only this with tomorrows coverage

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