Event Coverage August 22nd CSCS Pt 3


Here is the third and final set of coverage from the August 22nd CSCS at Cayuga Motorsports park. Today is nothing but drifting so if you like your cars sideways this is for you.

I was able to improve quite a bit over the drifting shots I took at last years event so I am really looking forward to shooting some more at DMCC and the next round of CSCS.

Drift Competition

The competition starting with a field of about 16 and was whittled down to top eight, top four, and then a final winner. Anytime a round was too close to call they ran that set again which made for a lot of exciting action.

Drift Possee was on hand to judge and hang out
Notice how the smoke is coming from the middle of the car and not the tires?
That was his clutch giving it's last stand
My friend Chris De la Cruz was out sliding his m50e30
He was also running a bunch of my stickers
Thanks man
Pat Cyr says Marin is a guy to watch out for this year
He's already rolled one car, but ain't scared
Marin plays a little follow the leader
He held his own but didn't make it to the final 4
John Fiddy knows how to slide his Skyline
He also knows how to send grass flying
As does Chris St John
The next two pictures are practically the same
Little more angle here
Can't remember who this was but he was photogenic
Kickin' up some smoke at the farther turn in the course
My GF nailed this panning shot
Some tandem sliding
As the track tried the cars started making a lot more smoke


After the competition all of the competitors got a chance to have some fun.

The guys from Union Auto club know how to cut loose
Cody Loughhead (I think) doing something incredible
Chris came out and raped the hay bale
I was pulling hay out of my pocket for some time after the show
After killing the hay Chris did some doughnuts
Keep drifting fun
I smelled like rubber the whole ride home
More tire fire
Tire companies must love drifting...
Fiddy is going


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