February sticker give away


As promised here is the February sticker give away post. The theme of this give away is characters and Seche Media along with Supermade, Sweetie Girl Racing, and Nextmod all came through with an awesome variety of stickers to give away this month.

The format is the same, comment to enter for one of the three available prize packages, the only thing different for this one is that since it’s Valentines day one of the prize packages is only available to the female readers.

I have also included where each sticker came from, and a (purchase price and link if applicable) so that if you don’t win but still want one of the stickers you can support the sponsors of this contest.

Prize Package # 1

Prize Package # 1 contains:

Package # 2

Prize Package # 2 contains:

The females only prize package

The prize package only available to women contains:

The comments for this month’s giveaway don’t have to be related to anything so you are free to say whatever you like because the winners will be determined by a random mathematical draw and not comment quality.

One entry per email address and if you are a female please use whatever name is attached to your email address so when I confirm I know you are a woman.

This give away closes Thursday February 17th 2011 at 10:00pm EST and I will announce the winners bright and early Friday February 18th 2011.

Entry now closed, check back tomorrow to see if you have won!


  1. Dear Cupid, would you really like for me to tell you where exactly you can stick your heart shape arrow?

  2. Thanks for another free giveaway.

    P.S. Love the teasers of the new wheels. It’s going to look great.

  3. Feakin sweet turbo turtle. Would look great on my guitar case, because I don’t have a turbo ride to put it on 🙁

  4. I also dig the turbo turtle. I’m currently drawing up a remake of the new VW Rabbit to incorporate a turbo into the original rabbit. I’ve been calling my progress “The Turbunny”. it’s not done yet but when it is done it will look AWESOME on my GTI.

    Oh yeah, the rest of these would be pretty sweet on the GTI as well.

  5. Hey hey I just got a white mazda 3 hatch (not a speed but still) and I would love some stickers to get started.

  6. Stickkkerrrrs. Also in the previous post…. I’ve driven by that civic a while ago when I had one too. I think it was along mccowan heading to the 401.

  7. My VW polo would rock the hell out of these stickers ^___^ Did I ever mention how attractive & smart you are 😛

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