My friend Josh speaks Japanese and I don’t, which means on twitter (@shiftmo) he follows a number of people that I wouldn’t be able to understand. Amidst what is gibberish to me Josh found this Honda Odyssey.

Any one who has even a partial eye on the Honda Odyssey scene will tell you that here in North America we generally ignore these vans while the Japanese do them up pretty serious. This particular one, called ‘Blenda’ by it’s owner is so nice that it inspired me to put up a rare Sunday post.

A lot of Odyssey owners go crazy with the camber Hoda kept things reasonable

Bridging the language barrier (with help from Google Translate) I’ve learned that this car rides on custom static suspension and 19×9 (et-5/et0) custom painted Work Gnosis GS1 wheels with bronze anodized aluminum lips.

Long cars always look longer dumped

The body work consists of custom Brandy Wine paint and a heavy dose of Noblesse body parts. If anyone wants to help out a little bit by translating further feel free to here at the owner Hoda’s blog.

If you’re like me and can’t read Japanese (or can and are just lazy) enjoy the pics below.

Japanese roads must be heaven because all their cars are slammed
The roof of this van actually isn't just black, it looks like a moon sky
Colored lips like these need to come over from JDM land
I was told a big reason why the Odyssey scene is bigger in Japan is because the rear doors don't slide.
The Mazda 3 in the back looks like a 4x4 compared to the Ody
Summer needs to hurry up and get here
I'll leave off with this one

Oh I almost forgot…

Thanks to Josh for the tip.

Photo Credit: The owner, Hoda


  1. this is one of the moast beautiful odysseys ive seen hands down but can i just say this is not a van its a people carrier i under stand if its an anglo american think like calling a land rover a jeep because you guys never had the renult esspas (the first ever peope carrier) its not your fault but it bugs the shit out of me lol
    thanks josh and dave

  2. We’ve been doing colored lips over here for a few years now. Even the dunk and Lowrider scene rock colored lips.

  3. Blackout I guess I mean more anodized coloring versus just paint matching. But you’re right lowrider guys do it fairly often.

    Ollie, I’m going to tag this people mover just for you.

  4. hey man, sick article thats a damm sexy van. As for the one pic you said “the mazda 3 in the back looks like a 4×4 compared to the Ody” its not a mazda 3 its the brand new 2012 mazda5. Its tottaly re-designed for 2012.

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