And suddenly out of nowhere


I have been a member of the Maxbimmer forums since 2002 (god damn) and still check it fairly consistently so I like to think I have a good idea of the cars and builds on that forum and more so those I like and those that I don’t.

Recently the influx new cars of new cars slowed down considerably so I was quite surprised when seemingly out of nowhere the owner this 87 Carrera put up a few photos stating: I know its not eveyone’s taste but to each their own.

Huh? I can’t really think of too many people that wouldn’t like this car. Well deserving of the magazine feature he also mentions in the post.

Slim waist fat hips
The staying power of Porsche designs is really something
A work of art, not sure what is not to like
The owner of the car doesn't own the house so you can be a little less jealous

Photo Credit: KSP Productions


  1. This by far, my most favourite car you have posted on this site! I would trade my left nut for this car. This is my dream car!!!!!!

    Background Change Achievement: UNLOCKED!

  2. Jesus christ man that’s… Stunning. Never been a fan or porsches but this one of the best looking ones I’ve ever seen!

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