WTF Friday: Hello, Mcfly?


I’ve known about this Delorean for a couple of years (I’m a big Back To The Future Fan) but for whatever reason I have never posted here about it. However with BTTF being on back to back to back Monday and Stanceworks recently posting a familiar picture of the car on their facebook page my interest has be rekindled.

Based on these photos it would appear that at one point in time this bagged(?) would be time machine was spotted somewhere in Ontario.

However it also appears that only two pictures of this car in existence are from a Canadian Tire cruise in not like the ones I so often attend. From there it seems the car simply vanished into thin air.

This is the picture most people don't see
Most people have seen this shot

Does anyone know the story about this car? Did it skip on back to 1985? Or jump ahead to 2015?

Site Updates

As mentioned earlier this week I will be hitting up the following two events Sunday and coverage from those should start to pop up Tuesday or so.

Monday I am hoping to have another feature up, and if not a feature a new contest to give away some the vinyl I have kicking around the house.

Flashback Friday

An Audi A3 popped up for sale recently that if I had 20 grand I would pick up, I don’t so I am just going to go back and look at these photos I posted at 09 and wish I did.

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If anyone wants to grab me a set of the new Nike Air Mag’s that would be sick… I’m a size 10.5.


  1. There was a guy who owned one in Whitby years ago…he had it for as long as i could remember, could be the same one?

  2. McFly wanting a taste of stance in his time machine. 😛

    Slap some nice and wide BBS RS’s on that thing. It would kill all. 😛

  3. Pretty sure it’s a 4×100. I have actually seen delorean wheels on a mk3 golf… I have a picture on my hard drive from when I went to southern Worthesesee.

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