Theme Tuesdays: Wekfest favorites 2011


Everyone I’ve had a chance to chat with via email or twitter says Wekfest 2011 was a crazy this year with lots of cars and even more people. One day, if I’m lucky, perhaps I’ll plan a trip around attending one and make a vacation out of the whole deal. Or if I am really lucky someone will fly me out (ya right).

Until then I will just have to settle for living vicariously through the lives of the people at The Chronicles, Canibeat, Night-Import, LimestandPhotography, Ivy League East and Oh you speak english.

The following photos were taken by Yuta Akaishi from Oh, you speak English?

The more I see this car the more I like it
On that note I would like to also see more of this car
Mark's Skyline that is full of win
Awesome clean, function based, s2k

The following photos were taken by DJ Murdok which I found via

STI on LMS <3
I just today found it is a good time
This Starlet = fantastic
VS-XX plus Subaru also = great

The following photos were taken by the man behind Limestand Photography

Alex is rolling in
Clean Z, trailer worthy obviously
This has no cars in it but was to priceless not to post

The following photos were taken by Mod Lyfe photography

Noel from Can I Beat

The following photos were taken by Cristian, John, and Noel from

Go with Solo... love the hood treatment need more pics of it
Very clean, functionally set up CRX
Boss status
If I recall this is an naturally aspirated Supra which is different

The following photos were taken by Joey from The Chronicles… whose coverage is still ongoing.

More of that Subaru
and coincidentally more Starlet
I think this is the first time I have posted an Insight
I would love to know some more about this Mini
Infinit wheels pushing CRX fitment
More Subaru VS-xx love
Love this particularly the industrail/primer gray paint
So dope

The guys at also through together this video of the festivities.

For those of you who did go how long did you have to wait in the line? It looks like that thing was as crazy as the cars…


  1. EPIC DROOL i dont think ive never seen so meny cars at one show that i realy like apart from TAS OR SEMA ECT…

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