Funky cold Mondeo


It’s always interesting the differences in the car markets across the globe. Cars that are mundane in one area will excel in another and the Ford Contour, aka the Ford Mondeo, is a prime example of that, seeing as how it was (according to Wikipedia) Britain’s third best selling new car from 96 – 98.

Here in North America they are just another ho hum family hauler. I’ve seen a couple modified here and there (mostly SVTs) but none done with some Euro flavor, that is until this one.

These cars actually clean up fairly nice and fit wheels wider than I would have ever thought, interesting.

I never really liked the front end on these cars before this one
Rollin clean
Air ride gets this car where it needs to be (bag over coil)
Diamond stitched interior is no doubt better than what it came with

They look way better like this than in Tekken livery that’s for damn sure.

As always respect to those working with harder platforms.

Spotted a couple weeks back on the StanceWorks forums, where more info can be found (it’s on 195/40s up front on 9s and 205/40 on 10s out back if you were wondering).


  1. Sorry, but, I’m from England and anyone in their right mind would not bother modifying this ugly mondeo. I’ve never seen one modified further than cheap alloys and exhaust. A no go car.

  2. noooooooooooooooooooooo mondeos are sucky bland boring ass peaces of drivel thay were used as company cars and the 50 sothing croud liked them which is why thay wer so popular altho the new rs ones pretty cool why by a mondeo when a scorpio is the same money just as ugly and a shit load faster pffft
    and i know that cos im british and all that that i should like euro style but i just dont get it
    good poast tho dave =D lol

  3. I actually really like this car and for some reason I have always had a liking to the Contour SVT…Winter Beater? lol

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