WTF Friday: Under Konstruction


On the way to Pennsylvania last week, traveling by Aztec (great road trip vehicle oddly enough), we stopped at a bunch of random places.  One memorable stop was a gun store where we were informed that over 950 women in Pennsylvania have the right to carry a concealed weapon which is sort of scary.

On what would have been a more standard stop for gas I noticed what appeared to be a convertible Neon in an empty lot across the road, naturally curiosity got the better of me and dodged two lane traffic to get a better look.

Once I got closer I realized that the empty building the car was in front of used to be an aftermarket shop, and if this is the type of work they put out it’s no real surprise that they went under.

Check out all of the mad custom work here hidden by black paint
If Under Konstruction didn't let you know it was a work in progress
This sticker should
Clean roof cut for sure...
Cleanest engine bay ever!
Part of me wanted to grab that tach for a garage decoration
Roll bar looks like a monkey bar
If you're looking to get some work done...

Someone should pick this up for a 24 hour of Lemons car though.  It would be good for a laugh.

Site Updates

I’m looking into getting a small run of T-shirts made with profit from the stickers, when I know a little more I will share a little more but the plan is once things reach a nice round number to get some shirts spun off.

Car wise going to hopefully finish rebuilding my skid plate this weekend so I can get it off my work bench and start polishing up my Equips.

I am also thinking of picking up a Mothers Powercone so if anyone has any experience with it let me know.

Flashback Friday

I’ve been on maxbimmer a lot lately keeping tabs on a blogging contest (if you are wondering I’m not really pushing to win anymore for day job reasons) and remembered this pair of E90s I posted in 09.

H&R sports plus 20inchers work great here.

I should follow up and see whats new in 2011.


  1. lemons rocks wether it be consorce or 24hours but ALL NEONS SUCK and that ones a shit sandwich
    go one dave get the auto sol out and get polishing lol ive been at it all day to day its my least favorate job
    il email you when my net gets better its pretty screwd as you can tell from my last lol meryem gets how monday tuesday i managed to sort out sercure transport for her so i know shes ok

  2. Looks like he tried to make a dodge del sol and failed miserably. I’m sure that he sacrificed the chassis rigidity horribly too haha.

  3. I have a PowerCone, which I used to polish up my CCW Classics last spring (yup, I name-drop that shizzle every chance I get!). It is far better than hand polishing, but it’s obviously not as good as wet-sanding. I have yet to try wet-sanding, but I may have to, as my rims have water spots that don’t come off with the PowerCone. Obviously, you still need a quality aluminum polish to go with the PC. Another product I’ve checked out and intend to buy before spring is Shark Hide. Google that, and you’ll find out what it is. I think it’s worth a shot.

    That Neon made me laugh, but it made my eyes hurt more. It’s not a car worth saving (or even extensively modifying), but no car deserves that kind of treatment. As I travel a lot in the US, I have gathered that lots of people have not the slightest clue of how to tastefully modify a vehicle. Tastes vary, so maybe I should add that they don’t know how to create an eye-catching car that doesn’t make you cringe. Come to think of it, just a couple weeks ago I saw a black and orange Neon with a body kit that the owner proudly decaled with “Built not Bought” across the back window. Now there’s something to be proud of!

  4. joe greatest coment EVER
    phil wet and dry is great but you have to finish by hand to get a perfect mirror finish when i did my crank arms i got to a point were i could see the smuges in my sunglasses in then i kid you not altho the only thing finer than the compound i finished with is tooth paste lol

  5. Phil I actually picked up an 18 piece polishing kit today from Princess auto and sanded out some curb rash on the worst wheel. going to work my way back up to 1500 grit on that spot then test polishing techniques on that area before doing the entire lip, going to be a long haul but should look good when done.

    I used to see way more modded Neons around than I do now, the paint must have fallen off all of them and they ended up in the scrapper.

  6. Hahahaha. I saw it yesterday before I saw it on the blog. I visited my girlfriend from Penn state and on the way home there was traffic so I hit the detour button on my gps. I passed this beaut.

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