2002 leagues above the sea


Maybe I am just paying more attention now but it seems in the past few years people have been giving BMW 2002s more love here in the GTA, which is great because it means less are crumbling to dust in the yards of stubborn elderly people or being crushed in wrecking yards.

Both of these have been done up in a tasteful fashion that suits the vintage look of the 2002. The second one was mentioned in the Stance Factory post from a few weeks back but the first one may be new to you.

This first one is on trimmed IE springs and Work Equips
These wheels suit the car very well in my opinion
Work really nailed this design which looks great on older vehicles and a few newer ones
This one probably looks familar
The black and new lower front really changes the look
Nice tire flushness
Make sure to view this entire set, the head unit in this car is so sick

More photos of the black one can be found here while photos of the red one can be found here


  1. One day, I shall build that red one, if not, imma come to GTA and buy me it. That thing is sex on wheels!

    I <3 old bimmers 😛

  2. classics are just cooler FACT
    is that black one a tti touring ??? not too keen on the works thay look a lttle out of place needs somthing less racey to go with all that crome

    i think its awsome that here are 2 2002’s here but there couldnt be more diferent in terms of style

  3. the tti touring has all those extra chromey bits and that funny looking chrome head lites/grill that the normal tti doesnt have in order to look more “GT”

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