Fat and Flush: STI


They say the first step in managing an addiction is admitting you have an addiction so I am going to admit this one to all of you:

I’m in the early stages of what is no doubt going to become a full blown addiction to cars that are set up fat and flush.

Like my addiction to the other various forms of stance this is basically out of my control so the best thing I can do at this point is give fat and flush it’s own category.

I found this STI lurking in the ‘Ultimate aggressive wheel thread…‘ on Mazda 3 forums which is the same place I found the speed3 that started my little addiction.

This is one mean looking pig nose
I need to attend one of these gatherings of race built cars
This STI is using up every inch of those flares
Functional camber

I might also have a general Subaru and Evo addiction but we will see what happens there…


  1. Yes, just yes. Love the color, the wheels, the slicks, the flares, and the camber. The evil found in functionality.

  2. @STiX the fenders on the one you linked make me cringe a bit just knowing how sensitive our fenders are with all the salt we use.

    If that was fixed then I’d be all over it

  3. that is the only part of the car i dont like TBH all he needs to do is get that cleaned up and it’d be even better!

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