Theme Tuesdays: Cheverolet Corvairs


Last week I said that this weeks Theme Tuesday would be something normal and after getting about half way through a more standard chassis I got a little distracted and well… here is a Chevrolet Corvair Theme Tuesday instead.

Dubbed ‘unsafe at any speed’ due to it’s swing arm rear suspension (and it’s tendency to be a bit wacky while cornering) the Corvair is a bit of a love/hate car among enthusiasts. Like any ‘misfit’ vehicle however the Corvair has a dedicated following from Motorsports nuts all the way to the wire and flaked paint crowd.

Today I’ve tried to cover all the bases of Corvair modification though I didn’t look for any off-road ones…

Start things off with an unassuming looking Corvair from Ontario
Pretty sure I saw this one at H2Oi and it belongs to @freedo70 on instagram
Pretty bummed I couldn’t find any higher res versions of this truck, looks pretty rad
John Jackson of Not Stock Photography drives this awesome bagged Corvair van
Another pretty awesome looking Corvair van
Clearly a car dubbed unsafe at any speed means that it shouldn’t see much outside of an autocross course…
…of course with enough money and ingenuity anything can become an awesome race car…
..and with even more money there can be a series
Mid engine Corvair with McLaren M8 suspension… bit more info about it here
66 Corvair at a classic Motorsports race in 2012
Like anything else the Corvair wasn’t immune to people stuffing big motors up front and big slicks out back
Always been a fan of the red on gold colour scheme
Like always anything that can be a dragster can also be a gasser


This one is motivated by a 454
I’d almost argue the right person can make White walls, Supremes and flaked roofs work on almost anything
I originally posted this in the 2010 Theme Tuesday titled Vintage Lowrider Extravaganza and it was the first photo I found for this
This car is pretty wild but I’m really digging the flare work
The rear of this car is looks a lot like a face…
Japan taking the ball and running with it (actually a knife edge Ghia thanks Reggae33)
Awesome roller
Corvair rear suspension sure articulates really weird
They get low though
Like every other theme Speedhunters has something that matches this time coming through with a pretty rad wagon
Going to end things with what would be a pretty rad build if someone was to take it on…



  1. The “Japan taking the ball and running with it” shot is actually a Volkswagen Type 34 “razoredge” Ghia. Nice though.

    • Damn. They are really similar. Never seen that type of Gia before. I’ll leave it in there cause well I’m not to proud to admit my mistakes when I learn about a new car!

  2. in a pic they do look similar ive never noticed that before its the angle in the tin the corvair is a much bigger i like the wagon and the hood louvers the more old school you treat them the better they look

  3. the old 70’s one with the flare work is for sale again, really rough now and its traded hands several times in the last 5-6 years. always with intentions to restore but never getting done.

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