Theme Tuesdays: Street Machines


At first pass a few of you are going to think I am off my rocker –which I might be– for posting 70s Street Machines in the Theme Tuesday category and not the WTF Friday one but, in my opinion 70s Street Machines and today’s aggressive fitment scene are really not that different from one another.

Swap BBS wheels (or your 3 piece of choice) for Cragars (or you slotted mag of choice), coils for shackles, stretched tires for the widest tires possible, wild vinyl wraps for wild custom paint, and it’s tomato, tomato.

Also like aggressive fitment it is/was a style employed on nearly every type of vehicle in existence with no doubt more than a few naysayers ready to point fingers and make “you’ve ruined that car” accusations.

After posting this on instagam I realized that many of you were more open to this Theme Tuesday idea than I thought
One of the people from a Street Machines group I am in said most people didn’t care what was done to these cars because at the time they were out of fashion to many because of the gas crisis
Love this though I can’t quite tell what it is… 
Classic 70s through and through with this SS
For those who prefer things a little more restrained..
I distinctly remember building a model kit as a kid with a hood scoop identical to the one on this
Vans could –and did– get the treatment
As did first generation Civics surprisingly! Now the question is RWD stagger on FWD car or RWD swap?
The style also appears to have made it’s way to Europe…
…and Japan
As well as popular media… (Snake’s Lil Bandit could be posted here as well)
While not quite a Street Machine they are jumping there was no way I could neglect posting this shot. No doubt sending it to flat too
This Corvair is simply bad-ass, another car for me to dig up more information on
This is incredible
Check out the arches and big diff sticking out from under this Mini
I’m a bit of a sucker for these old Econolines
Cruisn’ the streets wheelie bar intact
Though quite a bit tamer than most of the cars in this post this little coupe looks pretty awesome
The Kawashima Celica of the Street Machine world?
Evidently not just for boulevards or strips
Probably car to end this post with given the era

If this type of stuff is your thing check out 70s Street Machines on Tumblr. If it’s not I’ll be back with something ‘normal’ next week.


  1. the one near the top you cant figure out is a studebaker early to mid fifties. and that crazy lifted one is a style of street machines called “street freaks” they are crazy!

  2. “The Car You Couldn’t Quite Figure Out is a 1953-4 Studebaker Hardtop” designed by “Raymond Loewy”! If it were A Coupe it would Be a “3H or 4H (3H is a 1953, 4H is a 1954) Coupe the “Forerunner of the Studebaker Hawk Series of Cars” which Came out in 1955! The 3H & 4H body was longer than the standard body length as it was for the upcoming Hawk Series Cars! The Standard Body was used on the Champion, Commander & President made Studebaker! Have a Nice Day!

  3. I just noticed it, it does have a Coupe Body, so it is a 1953or4, 3H or 4H Starlight Coupe, Pre Has Series of Studebakers! I just remembered the Hardtop Version was also referred as Starlight Coupes, even though they were Hardtops!

  4. I would really like to know more about the mini cooper. I can only find a hand full of pics but no info on who built it or any build specs period.

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