WTF Friday: red lights are optional?


I saw a thread on jdmrides containing compilations of clips captured by red light cameras, prior to watching this video I didn’t really have any idea how ballsy some people are when it came to running reds.

Some people just gun it and pray while others are just oblivious and cruise on through. This footage will shock and amaze you…

A few of them are good for a chuckle where as others… well if you have a faint heart I apologize.

Site updates

I went to Gumball, and I will have my photos up tomorrow. I really really wish I was rich now, that’s about it.

Here is a quick mobile photo of car that was basically right outside my office.

Gumball Porsche GT3 on Bloor Street

Flashback Friday

I’m in a painted wheel mode today, maybe because I just watched a video on wheel refinishing so let’s toss it back to the painted wheel Theme Tuesday.

Keepin things Gumball here is a lambo with color matching lips


  1. Man… that one dude that himself got run over by the transport truck is probably dead. I love the one where everyone just slams on their breaks when it should have been a huge accident.

    I once saw a car run a red light in front of a transport truck while I was standing on the corner pumping gas. I swear the car was pushed out of the way by some unknown force. It was magic. The dude got out of his car and threw up… haha.

  2. You’d think one day America will see sense and introduce roundabouts eh? Saying that, the roads are never going to be free from muppets like these, and a roundabout will prob just confuse the hell out of ’em.

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