WTF Friday: Turbines to speed


When Honda introduced the CRX SI in 1985 they had a campaign proclaiming it to be a rocket. This campaign hinged on a 16 second commercial that showed it blasting off into the sky via cutting edge 80’s video technology.

The owner/builder of this CRX was obviously deeply impacted by this commercial because he saw fit to equip his CRX with a gas turbine engine from a small helicopter.

According to a poster on ‘Vortex this car was seen at a show once in 2007 (Honda Tech) and then drove off loudly into obscurity.








Some digging located the builders cardomain page were he described the vehicle as follows:

It is a 1990 Honda CRX with a Garrett GTP30-67 Gas Turbine engine installed in the rear of the car. The car is driven by a Hydrostat Transmission coupled to a later model Honda civic 5 speed transmission up front, the body is completely stock for now.

I have driven it just over 1,000 miles so far. It is fun to drive and also fun to watch peoples faces as they think a JET has just landed on the street.



I think ‘fun to drive’ would be a bit of an understatement, video below:

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Flashback Friday

Remember the Allison powered Isetta? Aviation motors in the hands of car enthusiasts is a bit of a dangers combination.

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