Theme Tuesdays: Topless


You can all thank long time reader (and previous featured ride owner) Phil for calling me out last week for promising a Topless Theme Tuesday and never doing it (I forgot).

I manged to pull together this post nearly entirely from other half started Theme Tuesday posts so that should give you an idea of what’s in-store eventually.

As if I could leave out an Impala
Gas prices be damned I would love to roll this
RWB's Spearmint Rhino
E46 with just the right amount of everything, tire, lip, drop
Old picture, dope cab.
Probably the most unique looking car in today's post
Common e36 wheel and that is not at all a bad thing
I have always loved this colour
Does anyone know what happened to this car after the new owner got it home?
Dope shot of Dan rolling from his tuned life feature
Heat via The Chronicles...
Phil's car if you forgot
Mustang drop from SEMA Tijin edition I do beleive
Speaking of SEMA...
Posted this stang awhile back on the fanpage
I'm sure some people are very mad about this but hey.. it happens
Top always down

Feel free to remind me of other ones I have yet to do…


  1. that 71-72′ mustang actually looks much better without a top…that rear quarter is kinda sexy without the 8ft long fast back or even more awkward notch-back top

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