Event Coverage: Scrape By The Lake 2010 Part 2


Part 2 of the multi-part Scrape By The Lake coverage is all about the trucks. I was really impressed at the trucks that came out this year and last year. The trucks I saw last year had new mods and the new trucks I saw this year were crazy.

If you like your trucks low this post is for you.

Under Construction

Some of these trucks have a lot of work ahead of them but look like they are going to be really nice when finished.

This should look really sick once it's all buttoned up

Not sure what the plans are for the hood of this Toyota

Nissan, Datsun, Mazda, Dodge

Import trucks are sort of the oddballs of the mini truck crowd, and the Dakota was the only Dodge I recall seeing.

Clean bagged Datsun

Green Mazda with a sick bed and caddy light conversion
A bagged Dakota? That's a new one
Insanely low body dropped Nissan
This was really hard to capture but there is a ghost tribal effect on the cover


Piss on Chevy

Crazy huge f350

Candy anyone?
Ya, I'd rock this
My friend Matt's Ranger which took home third in it's class
It looks like the pin stripe continues into the engine bay to some degree, which is a nice touch


Piss on Ford

This 84 SS is in great shape

It's not often you see a 4 door 1st gen at a show
Body dropped s10 laying rocker
This Blazer turned a lot of heads, its drastically different than how they start out
I still love this front end
A Luv! Let's keep this away from Xzibit
Beautifully dropped late gen
2nd gen with a clean Hyrdualic set up
This truck was very clean
This raised floor almost looks like a bed full of water it's so smooth
Nice Siera
I should check in the the LCC guys, have not been on that board in awhile
This would make a great daily, or tow pig, clean, factory wheels, slammed
Another long time LCC member
Nice airbrushing on the hood very subtle
My, my thats high

The International

I had been told about this truck before I saw it and even still I was blown away, it’s simply awesome to see something this big laid right out.

On the damn ground.

Tucking and clean
I really hope someone produces video of this dragging

Check back tomorrow for the cars and the bikini contest.


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