Event Coverage: Scrape By The Lake 2010 Part 1


Last year I went to Scrape By The Lake for the first time and had a blast. Scrape is one of the most unique car shows in all of Ontario and while it’s mainly a low rider show there are classes and cars for everyone’s tastes.

This year they invited me back with media pass based on my coverage from last year which I was able to get inside the hop pit and get close to the action.

Part 1 of the coverage contains pictures of the traditional Low Lows and bikes along with the hop contest photos.

Lowrider Bicycles

The low rider scene is all about detail and this is even evident in the bicycles they build, serious time put into these two wheeled cruisers.

Heineken anyone?
Coolest cooler ever

Traditional Lows

Even if Lowrider’s are not your thing you have to respect the history and culture behind them, as well as the beautiful craftsmanship.

These guys are some of the true originators of getting low.

This Cadillac had detailing etching every where
Chromed out Impala, even the fender liners are dipped
This trunk is fancier than my kitchen
Massive drop top
This 100% back yard built, super detailed, Regal was also in the hop contest
G'd Up Bomb
Something about this Caddy just drew me in, the Lakers colors perhaps?
Powered by Visa sticker is classic.
Late Model red and Burgundy Cadillac
Monte paused on 3
If you own an Impala, and it can do this, I am jealous
Check the chrome under carriage parts
Well done Red 59 Impala
Biggest Continental kit I have ever seen
Monte from Quebec hittin a 3

Hop Contest

While the rest of the show is great the hop contest is the real reason I booked it from the cottage early Sunday morning, I was probably on the road at least 6 hours that day and it was totally worth it.

Another Monte Carlo Hittin a 3 on the way out of the hop pit
Cutlass Supreme getting things started
The dudes who hop with the door open and switch box inside are brave, these things hit the ground hard
Another brave soul showing how it's done
Green Monte shootin for the moon
1964 Impala doin the damn thing
Hittin about 56" on the height bar
Might as well check out the frame detail while it's up there
Late model Lincoln up there
As soon as this car rolled out I knew it meant business
Just before sittin on the bumper
Stuck up there
Might as well pack up, everything is done here

If low riders are not your thing check back this evening for the Truck Coverage, and Thursday for Muscle/Import/Classic coverage and the bikini Contest Coverage.


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