Theme Tuesdays: Classy Car Models Part 6


I thought about doing another women of SEMA Theme Tuesday for 2012 but as it turns out I only took about six photos of models this year four of which sucked.

That means it’s time to fall back to an old favourite, ‘Classy Car Models’.

Hard to believe this has stretched to a six posts, I’m not exactly strict with the rules though.

Some style via Fatlace
Guess Fords are not the only car leaving women stranded in this post
She happens to be the owner of this car as well read the feature on SNTRL
Another Car/Owner shot
I think a shot from this shoot as made every post…
Ladies love Futuras
Kind of looks like an actress I can’t put my finger on who though…
Wonder what the specs on those wheels are…
Spotted in a random pictures of sick cars thread
I may have watched an episode (or 72) of Buffy in the day…
Suddenly I have the urge to see Skyfall… check out the rest of this photographers work here


  1. thats a tvr 350i think but there’s like 10 of them that all look roughly the same commonly know as THE WEDGE geeky fact they were the last to use the all alloy rover v8 and the 450 SEAC is one of the best sounding road cars of all time

  2. On pic #8, I think the actress you are thinking of is Aubrey Plaza.. She is a brunette, but the eyes/lips are very similar.

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