Stance Pilipinas


I love when international readers send in their rides (the further away from Canada and the US the better) because it is always cool to see which trends make it internationally and which don’t.

Bruce and Jay from the Philippines recently sent in some photos of their rides along with a few of the people in their crew and they are quite nice.

Bruce’s Honda that was on the fan page earlier in the week
I’ve always loved Mercedes set up like the one in the rear… grown man stance
Jay took all of these photos, and this is his Toyota
I love their take on platforms we don’t have or choose to ignore
Like this old school Lancer that’s incredibly clean and tastefully done
The wheels are Manaray Turbina S’s if you are curious and there is a build thread here on Stance Works

Check these guys out on their facebook page Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted.


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