Theme Tuesdays: Wheels Are Everything Artistic Interpretations


It seems that everyday a new car blog (or fanpage) pops doing the same old song and dance; reposts from the ‘heavy hitters’ with soft core porn intermixed to pump up fanpage numbers.

However every once and awhile I stumble across a new blog that immediately makes it’s way into my reader and Wheels Are Everything is one of those blogs.

The first time I spotted one of Mark’s photos I thought someone was taking a stab at me with the watermark but once I started browsing around I noticed he had a pretty good thing going, and his taste was on point if you are into low American cars on wires, Cragars, Supremes, and white walls (which I am).

One of the things that stuck out instantly were his ‘renders’, a lot of people do renders these days but Mark is one of the few people I have seen do renders with the look and feel of original manufacture brochures.

After a couple emails back and forth I tossed out the idea of doing a Theme Tuesday on his renders and he was game so here it is.

Start things off with a ’62 Impala
Another Chevy
A little glitter by the pool
Family hauling never looked so good
Pontiac 2+2 check the wording beneath the image too “hydraulic suspension”
Perhaps one of the least attractive front ends ever, the low and Truespokes(?) helps though
Olds Starfire
Or maybe this is the least attractive, but at the same time oddly appealing, front end
Stylin’ 58 Olds
Someone should do exactly this, if a female even better
Oddly enough someone did do almost exactly this
Crazy how close it is
Aside from the roof it’s almost exactly the same exterior wise

Thanks Mark for the permission to run these and if you want to see more check out his blog Wheels Are Everything and leave a comment letting him know who sent you.

If you are into cars like the above and have not seen it yet the Non Traditional, Traditional Lowriders from a few months back might be right up your ally.


  1. Nice! Will definitely check them out.

    Oh and I LOVE those Chrysler front ends with the slant-offset round lights. First spotted on an old Dodge Dart I believe. It was black and immediately gave me ideas….

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