Theme Tuesdays: Non Traditional, Traditional Lowriders


Reading that title you guys might think I wrote this a few beers in but hear me out.

After stumbling upon the Datsun on wires that was posted in the ‘Four On The Floor‘ Theme Tuesday I started thinking about other not so typical cars done up traditional lowrider style.

Traditional meaning, lots of chrome, flake, gold, white walls, wires, supremes etc.

A few laps of looking for vehicles that are not so average and you end up with this.

President Limo anyone?
Another look at that Nissan from a few weeks ago
74ish Nova tuckin' hard
60 some odd Pontiac Grand Prix from Japan... Japan's lowrider game is serious if you didn't know
Vintage snap of a Pontiac Catalina
One of a few cars today I NEVER expected to see done this way
Go figure it hits a mean 3...
Another one way outside the box, is it weird this might be the lowest Fiero I've ever seen?
I think that says Laurentian in script there...
Probably the most Pontiacs I have posted consecutively on this site
and another
Oldsmobile Dynamic rocking a very sick paint job
Chrysler Cordoba
Like I said on Friday, I need to post more T-birds
Buick Invicta.... big fan of this one
Vega with a ton of negative camber up front and dog dishes all around
Another from Japan
Wild Cat... cars had cooler names in the sixties
Only lowrider of this generation I've seen... z28 or Iroc?
Last posted this Camaro in the vintage lowrider Theme Tuesday
Pinto flexin'
Nova wag with a glasstop
Legit Olds, also from Japan
This is an uh....Im not sure
Going to end with this one which is going to leave a few of you scratching your heads or throwing up your arms in disbelief

I honestly think that the ‘scene’ could learn a lot from the acceptance of the lowrider community, those guys are literally down with anything so long as you show some pride in your work and are respectful to others and it shows.

Props to the guys over at for having some of the longest threads full of awesome I have ever seen.


  1. Does that IROC have a canvas top AND t-tops? The blue and white one from Japan looks slick as hell. And yes, it’s a Pontiac Laurentian, sold in Canada only.

  2. Dude that actually made me want a gremlin never thought id say that but r32 on wires wtf that is hilarious it would b even better if they didn’t do that and just left the stock wheels on cause they r already sick but kept the hydros to get to flex’n hahaah

  3. Unknown Car Above the Gremlin is a 68′ Dodge Dart…… Actually doesnt look that bad in lowrider trim, but still a shame none-the-less.

  4. Sorry to call ya out man, bit thats not an Olds up towards the top. Thats a Pontiac Catalina, or Boneville. My dad had a Catalina when i was young. Bomb ass cruizer.

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