Rascally Rabbit


As many of you would suspect I normally have quite a few tabs open at any given time, usually consisting of various forums, flickr accounts, blogs and vimeo pages.

When things get to the point of scrolling excessively side to side I like to clean house and close a few tabs down.

Last night I was doing just that when I came across a tab containing this rabbit which was opened lord knows how long ago.

The car which, I have basically no information about, looks awesome and reminds me a bit of this one I posted back in August.

I am on a fence here when it comes to with the hub caps
Or without
The owner seems to dig without
I wish there were a few shots from the rear, looks like a lot of wheel back there

Now if I only knew where I spotted it…

Photo Credit: Carter N


  1. Second that I like the wide steelies with hub caps they look dope now if people would stop putting tape on their headlights that would be great isn’t the original purpose to fix a broken headlight rather than to be racecar but that’s just me

  2. Ha thats my rabbit….thanks for the love!

    I took the caps off because I nailed a crater on the highway and one popped out…a new set is being acquired.

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