Theme Tuesdays: Four On The Floor?


Today’s Theme Tuesday originally started off as a follow up to the Tripoding Theme Tuesday from September of 2010 but then progressed into one that had cars with varying amounts of wheels on the ground.

Most of these are caused by a stiff suspension, steep angles, speed, or a combination of all three but a couple juice induced.

Static Induced

Accord gettin' tipsy
Loading docks are a standard way to get a low car on 3
These wheels are very similar to my own... I think this car was parted
Quebec 3, three
Apparently the suspension on this car is stiff enough to let it 3 on nearly flat ground
Different angle
I've actually been meaning to post up this car on it's own for awhile now...
This is just kind of messed up

Speed Induced

Stock suspension and sticky tires
Gettin' it
Being a rally driver you know he was poker face
Can't say I have seen this happen at CSCS
I have seen this at CSCS though
More CSCS action
Anthony Chasing Martino. Pretty sure Martino will be back at it again this year
Angry looking Merkur... errr... Ford Sierra
Another pic I grabbed from God's Chariot

Juice Induced

You know I couldn’t leave out low lows, but I made sure to grab a few different ones in addition to a 64.

Just in for an oil change
Don't see too many Caprice Classics out and around anymore let alone any doing a reverse 3
Nissan 300C.
Ya... this is happening



  1. the dude in the back of the nissan made me laugh. hes pulling the nozzle across the car.that subie is insane 2.

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