Theme Tuesdays: VW Harlequins


VW Harlequins are pretty interesting little cars. Like most people the first time I saw one I thought it was some sort of joke and was pretty surprised to learn that they were actually a limited run of Golfs by VW.

I don’t think any other car company would have had the guts to produce a car that looks like this, and I don’t think any fanatics other than VW guys could make them look good.

I know the ride height isn't all that low but we are just getting started
Kids R Us? I thought it was Toys R Us? What
With mismatched panels you can rock mismatched rims
Another shot at the same show, nice plate!
Night time shot with matching BBS wheels with mis matched caps
Harlequin sittin on Daytons
Rollin shot, fitment on these is actually quite nice
This next Harlequin sits on Borbets and gets around...
infront of a VW dealership... a show collecting trophies, note the shoes
Harlequin lawnmower on Ronal Turbos
The late edition, Keven reminded me I forgot one
Jetta owner getting in on the fun
Was this foreshadowing on VWs part?

Apparently only around 264 of these Golfs exist, but a few of them have been repainted solid colors in order for dealers to move them off the lot so the number is a little harder to narrow down.

If you would like to know more about Harlequins check out vw nut Ross’s Harlequin database. He owns five himself in all the different base colors, wild!


  1. That’s insane. I never knew these existed. I’ve seen one and I thought the dude just loved his golf that much that he kept just replacing the rusted, bent parts with different color ones.


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