Equipped MX-5


I got in late last night from a weekend long snowboarding trip I am a little tired and disoriented but thankfully today is a holiday. I am going to use today to catch up on some things Stance Is Everything related after I do some cleaning up here around the house. Until I get some time to write a little bit more here is two quick shots of a Mazda MX-5 dumped on some Equips.

I know a few of my Miata owning readers might say this height is impractical
But they won't say it doesn't look good 😉

Alright first things first off to make some breakfast, clean up, design some stickers, and write an in depth about this magazine that occupied my time during the driving this weekend:

This was a good read

Let’s see how much I can accomplish. Should you want more pictures of cars on Work wheels check out iputinwork.com


  1. “I know a few of my Miata owning readers might say this height is impractical”

    To us Miata racers, a Miata at this height is more than likely a parking poser…. At least, I think that’s the terminology used, else close to it. Basically, the car looks nice, but it’s so damn low that the handling is too compromised for it to actually race, so it’s all looks. (Most are the same height as mine, about four or five inches of clearance.)

    Doesn’t make me like Equips any less, though. 🙂 I’d love a set for mine.

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