WTF Friday: Lucky Camaro Owner


This might be a little old now, I’m not entirely sure, but since I just saw it, it’s safe to assume that all of the internet has yet to see it. Although these pics look super gruesome the drive actually walked directly from this accident to buy a lottery ticket since he has a horse shoe way up his butt.

The story from HD9 WCPO says that the crash is still under investigation but it’s pretty likely that excessive speed was involved. Regardless of what happened the driver is very, very lucky.

From this angle it looks pretty bad but nothing too out of the ordinary for hitting a pole
Air bag deployed always good
Holy shit!

Site Updates

Monday is a holiday here (Family Day!) so I will either be designing stickers or at the Toronto International Auto Show, either way I should have some interesting content for next week.

Speaking of stickers my illest/fatlace package arrived and I am sending out some stickers today after work to San Diego, Tucson, and Hamilton.


Traffic wise this weeks Theme Tuesday is continuing to do really well which I am glad because it took some time to put together and I was somewhat worried that not everyone felt the same way I did about car models. However the response has been good and I am already working on a part 2!

Finally, depending on when you read this I will either have added, or soon be adding Rolling Republic, Racer86, OMG Pancakes, HellaIV and Puregrove to the blog roll, welcome fellas.

Flashback Fridays

These two cars are some of my favorite from the VAG crowd. Low slung and dripping red paint, love it.

I like the Audi just a hair more than the GTI


I found out this week that Clint Eastwood has at least 2 Typhoons. Lucky guy.

Paparazzi should have asked for a ride, I would have
The heli might also be his


  1. Yay for classy models part two. 😛 And yeah, that Camaro is f*cked, he better consider himself lucky and never do that again.

    Also, I wanna go to an auto show! D: Winter sucks because it’s so dang slow. 21st is the first official autocross here though, and I’m excited for that. 🙂

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