That Time Of Year…


…and by that time of year I mean the period where I wish I went to SummerNats in Australia. If I could choose one event for a wealthy dowager to fly me to I am pretty sure it would be this one.

In addition to looking like a flat out awesome party the vehicles that show up are incredibly diverse and the burnout contest is, quite frankly, out of hand.

Here are a few photos I found kicking around this morning while looking for videos of the swapped e46 I posted on the Facebook fan page yesterday.

This looks oddly reminiscent of the ‘Boothill Express’ – Expose My Ride
I’m not even sure exactly what this is (I will assume Holden) but it looks amazing – Upstyle Imaging


Aus certainly knows what’s good with early 50s Chevy trucks – Upstyle Imaging
I’m posting this one up simply because it is quite a weird combination of things –  Upstyle Imaging
Wagonneer? –  Upstyle Imaging
One of the coolest burnout photos I have ever seen – Juzz Photography
This one isn’t too shabby either – Juzz Photography
And now we know where all the coloured tires ended up…
Goin’ for broke – SUS14U


Still waiting on what will no doubt be a landslide of videos to follow.


  1. 2nd photo is a 1971 Holden HQ
    5th photo is a ~2001 Holden VX Commodore SS front clip, the mirrors are from a later model. They were available with Gen III V8 engines..
    8th photo is a Ford Falcon XY GT around 1970-1972
    9th photo is a Holden Ute, maybe an HG?

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