WTF Friday: Frankenstein Automotive


Awful Taste But Create Execution, or ATBGE is a wonderful acronym. It accurately describes many things, and more importantly many a WTF Friday vehicle.

Taste is of course a personal, and subjective thing. Execution, however, is objective, and often makes someone’s own unique tastes more palatable.

I don’t think there’s anyone, anywhere, that would say a Bel Air Front end on a GMC van is in exceptional taste but, considering how difficult it likely was to achieve the execution here is pretty darn good.

Before you leap to the comment section to point out a few of this vehicles faults consider the fact that the van was built by students at the Hillside Academy East High School.

Hillside is an alternative school that uses projects such as this to get students interested in trades.

Allowing these kids to build whatever it is they imagine facilitates hands on learning, which is really invaluable for anyone who doesn’t relate to book learning.

All of the projects that come out of the shop class wear the “Frankenstein Automotive” logo which throws to the fact that they are all assembled from discarded parts from cars, bikes, and literally anything else within reach.

It’s also likely a tongue in cheek play at the fact that most people would look at them visually as monsters.

The ‘kit bashed’ nature in which the van was built continues around the rear end where a dually axle enters the picture along with the accompanying box flares.

A Cadillac rear bumper also serves as a place to house the dual exhaust that features caps on each tip.

According to the owner this odd duck is his swap meet hauler that collects parts for the next Frankenstein Automotive project.

The van isn’t the only one he’s completed either, in the video below he describes the processes behind another school project build.

Unique high school projects are a great way to get students hooked on cars (worked for me) so hats off to the teacher dreaming these creations up.

If more vehicles like this are born along side new enthusiasts then I’m certainly ok with that, how about you?

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