SEMA Showstopper: Street Carver

SEMA 2017 coverage is powered by Performance Improvements

Photography By: Rob McJannett & Go Bovey Go


If you’re looking for the iconic look of a hot rod and the handling of a sports car Factory Five Racing’s 33 Hot Rod is the obvious answer. Designed to perform and completely, uniquely, configurable the 33 Hot Rod chassis and fiberglass or metal body is the perfect combination.

The McJannett brothers at Performance Improvements have one of their own which is probably why they were drawn to this Factory Five built by Black Label SpeedShop.

Black Label is a new shop by former Gas Monkey Garage Monkey, Dustin Deleon. This is their first project as a unit and judging from the side skirts and large wing one can assume the vehicle is built to drive FAST.

The large 18×12 Boze Forged wrapped in 355 Toyo rubber only further supports this theory. As do the Wilwood brakes that will bring the vehicle to a stop.

An LS motor sends this one down the road and it looks like there’s an interesting exhaust routing through the chassis, perhaps through a system that doubles back on itself.

The overall attitude of this car is what made it a show stopper for me. Imagine the noises this car makes as it’s driven in anger?


  1. I’m dying for more info on that exhaust. I can’t figure out where it goes! And is the frame moulded into the body? So clean

  2. looks like a remote mount turbo…all heat wrapped and there’s a BOV in that last pic. I’m guessing the polished cans that have a cut out in the body below the engine opening are some kind of tiny air to water intercooler.

    • Interesting take Mike. I’ll have to do some more digging. Apparently not too many people were around it at the show to explain exactly what was going on.

  3. I heard from the builder of the car (and co-owner of Black Label Speed Shop) Jeff Moore. You’re right Mike – those are Intercoolers for the two (2!) remote mount turbos hidden in the back. There is a water pump and tiny radiator to help cool things down. The frame is the tube chassis Dave C, everything else is fibreglass.

  4. It’s a little late, but Dustin has absolutely 0 to do with this build, or any other build for that matter. The truck’s owner and sole builder on this is Jeff Moore.

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