Theme Tuesday: Wheels At SEMA 2017

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Photography By: Rob McJannett & Go Bovey Go


With all the 2017 SEMA Show coverage flowing in via proxies Rob McJannett and Mark Bovey I missed last weeks’ Theme Tuesday.

That’s not uncommon in the SEMA hustle and bustle, but missing two week’s in a row isn’t my style, so this week’s SEMA-centric Theme Tuesday is all about the wheels of the 2017 SEMA show.

If you’re a die-hard wheel aficionado you’re going to enjoy this post!

BBS Center lock Wheels on @old_dtms e9 CSL
Work Equip 40s in beautiful gold and bronze
Can’t do a wheel post without a set of Rays Wheels, with matching lugs
VIP Modular wheels under a Trans Am that will be posted in the next batch of coverage
I think these are Atara Racing wheels under an e21
Detroit Steel Wheels on the Stoner’s Speed Shop Chevrolet
The same wheels under the ‘Slameo’
22 Raceline Commotion wheels tucked up under an RMD Garage Bel Air
Fifteen 52 Formula TR wheels under the Roadster Shop ‘Axis’ Camaro
MHT/US Mag wheels under the Classic Car Studio v10 Chrysler 300
20 inch HRE wheels on the Ring Brothers Javelin
20×11 HS Customs designed wheels built by Evod Industries
Not 100% sure what wheels these are, they look Torque Thurst-esque
Destroit Speed Inc wheel’s under Larry Woos 68 Camaro, nice touch with the Tire Paw Lettering too!
Foreglines under Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge competitors
John Zacorack’s LS powered Dodge Conquest on CCW Classics
Close this one out with a display wall of awesome, small by wide wheels

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