WTF Friday: SC-ary


Posting a WTF Friday critiquing a donk might be a tad hypocritical or ridiculous after posting this awesome cartoon on the fan page earlier this week but it just so happens that this particular donk is a LOT of ridiculous.

Now I can generally respect (or at least tolerate) a well built donk, but this SC….

Mangled fenders, missing center caps, and just an odd overall stance (even for a donk) make this car look quickly pieced together.

Man I don't even...
Poor Lex...
This puts the ground clearance into perspective...

Another weird thing is this was not spotted in Florida or Atlanta (which seem to have large donk communities) it was spotted in Shawnee Kansas.

Photo Credit: Walnuts on Stance | Works

As always it could be worse.

Site Updates

On Monday I’ll have a feature going up that I’ve been waiting to do for a long time now. Those of you who have been paying attention here and on the fan page probably have an idea what it is and it is well worth the wait.

Other than that I plan to catch up on a few orders this week, T-shirt orders suddenly picked up out of no where.

Flashback Friday

Posted one dope Euro this week so why not another?

Hopefully this gets the above image out of your mind.



  1. id rather stab my own eyes out than look at it let alone be seen near it or even worse be seen driving it :O the horror the horror!

  2. This is How NOT to be unique.I understand wanting to be different just remember that the details matter and i honestly dont see any attention to any detail on that SC.Its a shame but someone should have Talked to the cars owner and told them throwing a set of 30s on a stock car just to say you got 30s makes it comical not Cool.

  3. dude i live in kansas and actually not far from shawnee and i gotta say i would have to beat this person sensless for doing that to a poor innocent lexus. some people i swear.

  4. thanks for atleast posting a nice dub, the kompressor on 26’s further reminds me that most, if not all vehicles, need to be [ lower ] to the ground.

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