WTF Friday: God Bless America?


With the past two weeks being full of event coverage and photos to go through I was a little glad to not have had not had to look far for some oddities to post today.

Both of these gems were spotted during my semi monthly lap of s10 forum. Both started as standard pickups but are now so much more, or so much less depending on how you take the following.

First up is this beauty of a 6×6 that used to be an s10, questions regarding the drive train and suspension setup on this truck I only wish I could answer.

The rats nest under the hood suggests that the motor isn’t stock at least.

The eagle inspired the title of this post, and the rest convinced me to have a liquid lunch
This is the first time I have seen a six wheeler with a wheel base only slightly longer than a 4

This second truck is probably the biggest mis-mash of vehicles I’ve posted since this Corvette and that is saying quite a bit.

This second beast is much more disturbing
The body work does look surprisingly straight however
Anyone want to take bets on if this was ever finished?
I'm willing to bet not... but this front end makes me think there is a faint possibility... nah

As much as I hate to say it if anyone has anymore info on the second I would be interested, if nothing more than to find out where that front end came from.

Site Updates

No events this weekend as I am going somewhere my car can’t (a cottage) but there will be no shortage in content next week as I have not one but two sets of photos to edit and get posted in the near future.

Three if you count a set of my car.

Flashback Friday

Posted up Carson’s latest project (White IS300) to the fanpage yesterday but here’s a quick look at what he drove prior to that.

According to this thread on jdmrides this is300 is just a temporary car because he is actually moving out of country very soon.



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